CGI Injection System

  • Dual Component Injection
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heavy Duty
  • 3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

CGI Resin Specifications

CGI Pump Specifications

Now for Sale for 2014

CGI Texas is now accepting orders for CGI Texas's patented injection system and unique acrylic hydrophilic resin. The CGI injection system will reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with water leaks and increase the scope of leaks that you can seal. The kit comes with:

1 IP100 Injection Pistol
1 CGI Injection pump (with hoses)
1 Pallet (24 X 5Gal neat Resin)(120 gallons of Difgel HD 2.0 - when mixed can make over 500 gallons of gel)

You will also receive a manual for mixing and storing the chemicals. All you need to add to this kit to start sealing water leaks is an air compressor and a hammerdrill with a 1" bit. (and assorted other tools)

The IP100 is the only one of it's kind. CGI Texas holds a patent on the technology and the design. We have used this injection pistol to seal thousands of leaks for over a decade. It has never let us down and has allowed us to rapidly seal even the most stubborn water leaks. The IP100 is made from stainless steel and is extremely tough and durable.
You can use your own custom injection pump if you like. We have developed this pump over the years and are very happy with it. You can use any kind of pump as long as every part the chemicals touch are Stainless Steel or plastic.

Price per kit - $34,750

IP100 Injection Pistol - $5500
Pallet of Resin (24 Jugs) - $22,500
PU220 Injection Pump - $8000

Paypal, Bitcoin, Wire transfer or Company Check accepted. Please call 972-272-3848 for other payment options.

CGI Injection System Purchase Request Form

Please use the below form if you are interested in purchasing a kit. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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