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CGI Texas, Inc.

Water in your elevator pit? CGI Texas specializes in sealing active water leaks through concrete structures, primarily elevator pits. Don't let our name fool you, we don't only do work in Texas. We will travel anywhere in the World to seal water leaks. Our patented injection system coupled with our unique hydrophilic acrylic resin can stop even the most stubborn water leaks. We can permanently stop water coming through cold joints, expansion joints, cracks, water stops, etc. We can even seal it when water is pouring through the crack, in fact we prefer it. Send us a picture of your toughest leak, you can use our form at the bottom of the page or just email the picture directly to us at info@cgitexas.com. We also subcontract as well. Give us a call or send us an email.

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This picture is typical of the elevator pits that we see. We drained and sealed this elevator pit in less than 8 hours. For a typical sized elevator pit we can usually do it in one day saving you the headache of having your elevator out of commission. We are also available to seal your elevator pit at night or on weekends. Click the picture above to enlarge it in a new window.

Snell and Eisenhower Locks Massena, NY

The Snell and Eisenhower Locks Dewatering Pits had approximately 15 gallons per minute of water coming into the pump rooms from cold joints connected to the St Lawrence river. Using CGI Resin we were able to successfully halt the water intrusion into the pits. When we left, the pits were dry. If you are ever in Massena, NY don't forget to stop by Dar's place!



AT&T Pipe Penetrations Fort Worth, TX

AT&T had approximately 40 pipe penetration with groundwater seepage issues around the circumference of the pipes. After drilling and injecting CGI Resin we were able to mitigate the water intrusion.



Texas Women's University Denton, TX

TWU had one elevator pit with groundwater intrusion coming through the hydraulic shaft as well as from cracks in the south wall of the pit. After cleaning and drying the pit we were able to inject CGI resin around the shaft and into the south wall to permanently stop the water intrusion.



St. Vincent's preschool Elevator Pit Galveston, TX

St. Vincent's Preschool had one elevator pit with water intrusion through the sump area and two of the walls facing the outside. We were able to use CGI resin to stop the water intrusion.



Travis County Elevator Pit Austin, TX

This office building had one elevator pit with 12 inches of water in it. After pumping out 300 gallons of water we were able to see that the water was coming in around the hydraulic shaft. After drilling and injecting approximately 10 gallons of DIFGEL we were able to halt the intrusion. Afterwards we painted the inside with dryloc for a clean finished look.

Before - After



Thyssenkrupp HEB Foods Austin, TX

After removing about 150 gallons of water from this pit we were able to see water penetration through failed waterstops on three walls of the pit. After drilling and injecting approximately eight gallons of DIFGEL we were able to re-create the failed waterstops and halt the intrusion. The pit is now sealed and dry.



Comfort Inn Fort Worth, TX

When we arrived this pit had a foot of water and was leaking from multiple voids from three walls. After drilling a series of holes and injecting approximately 10 gallons of DIFGEL we were able to stop the water intrusion. The pit is now dry.



The Samuel Noble Foundation, Ardmore, OK

The Samuel Noble Foundation had two elevator pits with water intrusion. After the pits were drained and dried we were able to see water was getting into the pits from around the hydraulic shafts. We drilled and injected both pits and when we left they were dry.



Holt Cat Sales Center, Dallas, TX

The Holt Caterpillar service center had one elevator pit with about 200 gallons of water in it. After the pit was drained and cleaned we were able to see that water was coming in from around the hydraulic shaft. We drilled and injected around the shaft and halted the water intrusion.



Plant Scherer, Juliette, GA

CGI Texas just completed another large project. The desulphurization tank at Plant Scherer, in Juliette, GA had some leaks around pipes and through the main wall's structure following the re-bar. CGI Texas was able to drill and inject it's resin along the cracks to seal them and to coat the re-bar from further deterioration. CGI Texas was also able to drill and inject around the 26 fiberglass pipes successfully!



MicroSoft Elevator Pit, Irving, TX

MicroSoft had one freight elevator pit with 14 inches of water in it. After the pit was cleaned and drained we were able to see that the water was seeping around the hydraulic shaft. We drilled holes around the shaft and injected 40 gallons of resin to create a permanent membrane underneath the slab. We were able to successfully seal the water leak and the pit is now dry.



Greatwood Elevator Pits, Sugarland, TX

Greatwood Retirement Community had one elevator pit with 8 inches of water in it. After the pit was drained and dry we were able to see that the water was actually coming through the walls and bottom of the sump pump area. We drilled through the floor slab around the sump and we injected 20 gallons of resin to form a water-tight seal around the sump area. We also injected into the waterstops to stop a small leak as well. This elevator pit presented itself as a challenge due to the fact that the water had a lot of pressure behind it. We were able to successfully seal the leaks and now the pit is dry.



Regal Estates Elevator Pits, League City, TX

The Regal Estates had two elevator pits with at least 5 inches of water in each one. After draining and drying the pits we were able to ascertain the cause of the leaks. Water was coming in through the waterstops around the edges of the pits. We drilled into the waterstops and injected 10 gallons of resin into each of them. The pits are now dry.



Hampton Inn Elevator Pits, Austin, TX

When we arrived these elevator pits had 4 inches of standing water in them. The water was coming through the waterstops around the edges of the pits. After draining the pits and drilling a few test holes we were able to locate the trouble spots. We then injected 10 gallons of CGI Resin to re-create the water stops and seal the water intrusions behind the wall. The pits are now completely dry.



City of Bammel Water Storage Tanks, Bammel, TX

The most notable leak from this job was a 15 foot vertical active water leak through a cold joint. Many attempts had been made to repair the problem. Epoxy Injection, Urethane, Expanding foam, and expanding cement had all been tried without success. We removed all traces of previous attempts and injected CGI resin into the joint. After we left the joint was completely dry. We didn't even have to drain the tank.



Landmark Condominiums, Corpus Christi, TX - Resident Garage

This condominium has a resident parking garage underneath planters and driveway areas. For years water had been seeping into the parking garage causing cracks and damaging the vehicles below. We were able to stop the leaks without having to disrupt the planters or the residents. Epoxy, Tar, and Foam had all unsuccessfully been tried over the past 20 years to solve the problems. Eventually they had given up on sealing the leaks and resorted to extensive catch pans collecting the water and routing it to drains. We were able to remove all of the unsightly metal pans and hardware and completely seal the leaks above. All total we sealed over 55 cracks in the concrete structure, ranging from 2 feet to over 10 feet in length.


Northbridge Centre, Palm Beach, FL - Garage and Planters

This 25 year old building has a parking lot beneath the lobby as well as planters with drains, sprinklers and electrical conduits running through the floor. Combined with long expansion joints, water was a constant sight in the parking lot and in the maintenance office. After removing old caulking and backer rod, new backer rod was installed and CGI resin was applied to provide a waterproof barrier inside the expansion joint. CGI resin was also injected along pipes going through the slab, into seams, and also behind the main steps of the building's entrance, eliminating the calcium deposits caused by water breaking down concrete.


World Trade Center, Building 7, New York City, NY

This job was especially important to us. To be asked to work in New York City, and on one of the World Trade Center Buildings was a great honor. We partnered with Metropole Builders, our New York sister company, to complete this task. Since the buildings completion, the freight elevator pits leaked from the corners, walls, and floor. The pit was the lowest part of the building reaching farther down below the main slab of the building into the land fill beneath. When we arrived, the pit had a constant 2 inches of water on the floor. When we left everything was dry.



Northbridge Centre, Palm Beach, FL - Rooftop

This rooftop terrace leaked into the office space below. Partly due to the planters and also to the weight saving technique of filling large pockets in the slab with styrofoam. These sections slowly filled with water from small cracks and aging caulked seams. We located all of the pockets, drilled and injected them with CGI resin pushing most of the water out and mixing with any remaining water forming a long lasting gel. This roof was especially difficult due to the post tension cables in the roof. Our technique was the only one that allowed drilling into the rooftop. Since we drill very small holes, by hand, we are able to precisely drill, avoiding the cables.


Fitzhugh Central Building, Dallas, TX

Many buildings have attached parking structures that extend below grade. Retaining walls, seams and pipes that run underground all have the potential to allow water to find a way inside. Injecting from the inside and outside of the structure allowed us to create a dry environment for the V.I.P. parking as well as an important electrical room attached to the elevator shaft.



Notable Past Jobs Utilizing CGI Resin

• The Thames Barrier in London, 600 Yards Long

• Petit Saut Dam - Maroni River, French Guyana, South America - 900 Yards Long

• Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Washington D.C. (Sealed "Unifixable" leaks in Tunnel Ceiling)

• Patrick Air Force Base, Cape Canaveral, FL. (Waterproofing Launch Pad B17 Slab and Retaining Wall)

• Seawall, West Palm Beach, FL (300 Foot Seawall with horizontal and vertical leaks)

• The Chunnel, Waterproofing Northern Tunnel, Southern Tunnel, and Technical Tunnel (80 Miles Total)

About CGI Texas, Inc

CGI Texas is a subsidiary company of CGI. The CGI process has been refined over the past 35 years. The unique combination of resin and stabilizers combine to make a gel that is very versatile. Since the gel never fully hardens, it is possible to inject until all water is turned into gel or hidden pockets are filled. The process is simple. Holes are drilled to eliminate structural impact, and CGI resin is injected using our custom injection system. The resin reacts with the water, tranforming it into a gel. Water Treatment Plants, Tunnels, Elevator Pits, Parking Garages, Nuclear Power Plants, Dams, Basements, Seawalls and everything in between, have utilized our system. The setting time of the Resin can be varied from 5 seconds to over 2 hours, depending on the application.

CGI Texas' Commitment

CGI Texas is commited to offering the best solution to your water problems. Our services are guaranteed and we strive to provide the best results possible.

CGI Texas is family owned and operated.

CGI Texas' Resin

CGI's gel retains its elasticity, adhesion, and flexibility. It withstands distortion, movement and climate change. CGI's Resin contains rust inhibitors that coat the steel and rebar within the concrete, permanently stopping oxidation and any further corrosion.

CGI Texas custom injection system can be easily adapted to many locations. It is designed to avoid cutting into any rebar and to be minimally invasive, eliminating the need for structural reinforcement.

CGI's procedure is most effective when a leak is present. There is no need to wait for dry conditions.

CGI's gel is Non-Toxic, Non Flammable, Mold Resistant, Odorless and Paintable. Meets OSHA standards.



Below you will find some examples of the many applications where CGI technology can be applied. We create new procedures for every job, depending on the needs of the customer. No two water leaks are exactly the same. It takes ingenuity and experience to determine the best solution.

Underground Structures

• Permanent Solution

• Resistant to movement

• Not affected by oil, gas, or emissions

• Resistant to mold, fungus, and bacteria

• Works extremely well for sealing Elevator Pits




Metro Rail / Train Tunnels

• No need for dry conditions

• Fast setting time

• Not affected by fuels

• Resistant to movement





Seawalls and Dams

• Resistant to salt and waste waters

• Environmentally friendly

• Can be applied underwater

• Non-Toxic

• Concrete Cold Joints and Cracks repaired with water present (even abundant)





• Resistant to mold, fungus, and bacteria

• Withstands freezing temperatures

• Safe for family and pets

• Seals from outside in







Send us an email directly with any questions you may have or fill out the form below for a specific problem. You may also send pictures of your leaks as well which helps us determine if our service is right for you. We also do subcontracting work. info@cgitexas.com

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Please use the below form if you would like additional information. We will be happy to send you additional information via snail mail or email. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your options. In many cases we offer a free demonstration of our product.


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